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Authorized and paid for by Friends of Shawn Brann


"Shawn Brann will make an outstanding School Board Representative for the Brentsville District. When I was deployed to Africa, Shawn served as the acting Brentsville District School Board representative and stood up for the district and his constituents in a highly politicized atmosphere. His efforts were directly responsible for ensuring 500 additional seats being included in the design of the 13th high school to address high school overcrowding. His experience as a teacher and an engaged parent in Prince William County schools provides him the ability to bring multiple perspectives to school division issues. With children at Patriot High School and Piney Branch Elementary School, Shawn will ensure that the school division is responsive to current concerns and the shared experiences of today's parents. I cannot imagine a better prepared person to serve as the Brentsville District School Board Representative.

--Gil Trenum

School Board Member, Brentsville District

Prince William County Schools

"I am pleased to endorse Shawn Brann as Brentsville Representative to the Prince William County School Board. Shawn has real experience serving in that role, and has demonstrated the maturity and wisdom to make decisions in the best interests of the children, parents, teachers and taxpayers of Prince William County. “

--Milt Johns

Former PWCS School Board Member, Brentsville District

Former Chairman, PWCS School Board

“During my ten years on the School Board, I was privileged to serve alongside three distinguished members from the Brentsville District. I am pleased to endorse Shawn Brann to continue in that tradition of excellent representation.  His extensive record of community service gives him detailed knowledge of what concerns citizens the most, and his interim Board service during Gil Trenum’s deployment demonstrated clearly that he has the right temperament for the job. He joined the Board during a contentious time and managed to work cooperatively with other Board members, while standing firm for what he believed was the right answer to each problem. He will represent Brentsville well.”

 --Don Richardson

Gainesville District, PWC School Board, 2001-2011

"Mr. Brann was one of those teachers in high school who was more than a teacher. Yes, he wanted

his students to excel in their education, but he cared about the student as a whole.  Mr. B was one

of the first to write a letter of recommendation for me when it came time to apply for college. He was proud when he found out I wanted to become an educator myself. When Mr. Brann stepped in for

Mr. Trenum, he reached out and wanted to visit me in my classroom even though I was outside of his district. Through the years, Mr. B has checked in on me and always has an encouraging word to offer. 

As a former educator, interim board member, and father of two students in PWCS, there is no better candidate who knows exactly what the students (and teachers) need.  Mr. Brann would be an exceptional member of the School Board." 

--Megan Lee Schadlich

Former student of Shawn Brann and current PWCS teacher

"It is my pleasure to endorse Shawn Brann to represent the Brentsville District on the school board.

I met Shawn before Piney Branch Elementary opened when he volunteered to form PBES’s first 

Advisory Council. I then worked closely with Shawn while I was the PTO President for two years and then as a neighborhood representative on the Advisory Council. Shawn is very committed to the children, teachers and parents of PWCS. He is fair and honest and always looks for solutions. He did an excellent job of representing the Brentsville District while Gil Trenum was deployed. Even while facing opposition

and discord on the Board, Shawn remained professional and reasonable and sought solutions for 

all the children of the county. I can’t think of anyone who would work harder for our children than Shawn Brann." 

--Cathy Rivera 

Former PTO President, Piney Branch Elementary and parent of four PWCS students in three schools


"As a former student of Shawn Brann, I am beyond excited to support him in his journey in becoming a School Board member for PWCS.  In the classroom, he was engaging and encouraged creativity. He also took the time to find out his students’ interests and how he could incorporate them into his lessons/assignments.  As a current PWCS teacher, I take comfort in knowing that if Mr. Brann is serving on the board, he would not be afraid to voice his opinions and push for what is best, not only for our children, but for the teachers as well."  

--Megan Johnston

Former student of Shawn Brann and Current PWCS teacher


"I proudly support Shawn Brann as a candidate for the Prince William County School Board.

He served as chair of Piney Branch Elementary School's Parent Advisory Board during my time

as Principal there. He was instrumental in bringing diverse groups of school communities together

to form a new and highly successful family of parents, staff, and students. His positive support

as an educational advocate and his ability to listen to multiple perspectives will create a climate

of consensus and positive outcomes. Shawn is a dedicated public service volunteer with

integrity, a comprehensive knowledge of educational systems and the requisite leadership

and organizational skills."

  --Kirsten Fisher,

  Retired Principal Prince William County Schools

"I worked with Shawn Brann as an Assistant Principal and Principal when he was teaching Language Arts at Woodbridge Senior High School. Shawn was a dedicated and talented teacher who took the time to get to know his students and to develop a relationship with each one. He is a man of integrity who cares about education and is interested in what is best for the students of Prince William County. His experience as a teacher, a parent of students in Prince William County Schools and as an Interim School Board member make him an ideal candidate."

--Alan C. Ross

  Retired Principal Prince William County Schools

"Shawn Brann's experience as a teacher, involved parent, and school board member means he understands the community, and knows how to get results for the Brentsville District. Shawn researches issues thoroughly and takes time to listen to the community before making a decision. In his year on the school board, Shawn Brann was a strong advocate for his community. He was willing to hold the administration accountable when needed, and played a key role in adding an additional 500 seats to the 13th high school design that saved over $100 million and will help reduce overcrowding at the high school level on the western end of the county."

--Willie Deutsch,

Coles District School Board Member